Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok, I've been bad.

So I haven't posted in forever.  I've been bad I know, it's not like anyone probably reads this, but I started this as a journaling of sorts towards my knitting adventures.  But I have definitely slacked off.  I have started following blogs and I read what these people right everyday and I think to myself wow I'm not that immersed in knitting.  I don't feel like my life is going to drop away from under my feet if I don't knit everyday.  I do, however, have a fond passion for it now and feel that my life would not be the same if I couldn't knit again.  

Anywho, that's just my apology for being absent for so long.  In recent news I'm trying to hurriedly work on Christmas gifts.  I have finished one.  I made a shrug for my sister and I think it turned out much better than I anticipated.

I'm also working on a windowpane throw that I started over a year when I got a renewed interest in knitting.  Also, I've barely started a pair of music note fingerless gloves for one of my best friends.  I have come to a halting point because I don't know how to "make one" also the pattern tends to confuse me and I have to wait till I talk to my knitting professor, or one of my other best friends, so she can show me where to go next.  That's about all the news for now.  I will post some pics of stuff that I have completed recently for a halloween swap I was in.