Friday, February 6, 2009

Second Pair of Socks!

So I finished my second pair of socks a couple of days ago!  They are the Guitar Man Socks (see Ravelry) and are made out of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering Weight Yarn in the "Toast" colorway.  I made them for Andy (my bf) for an early Valentine's day gift and also a gift for our 1.5 year anniversary which was Wednesday.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Etsy Shop!

So folks I finally set up my Etsy shop.  It is a place to buy and sell handmade items.  I am going to be selling articles of my knit line called Dramatic Knits.  You can visit the shop by going to to or you can click on the link below.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Pair of Socks & a Quick Hat

Quick check-in with everyone (or lack thereof) that reads my blog.  I finished my first pair of socks a couple of days ago.  I am extremely happy with them.  They are a little snug, but that is because I knit them according to the pattern which I'm sure is for a woman. I just wanted to get a pair of socks done before I started worrying about whether they would fit me or not.
This is Lorna's Laces Basic Sock Pattern.  Knit on size 0's.  The colorway is called Mineshaft.

Well after I finished the socks I wanted to knit a hat for myself while I could still use it with the cold weather.  Plus it's in Noro that I picked up last week.  My local yarn shop doesn't carry Noro so I had to pick this up at another store that is about double the driving.  It is the Ernst pattern from Jane Ellison's Noro Family.  It's in Noro Cash Island color 10.

I'm really happy with it. While I was knitting it I wasn't so sure.  I went up a needle size because I have a rather large head.  But the ribb pattern allows for a lot of stretch.  So that's what I have been up to lately.

P.S. I may have a student teaching placement soon! More to come.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So I Can't Seem to Get this Posting Thing Down

So really you would think that since every time I post I feel guilty about not posting in forever that I would start posting on a regular basis.  Nope, not me.  I just can't seem to get it down.  But yea life has been interesting here for me on my end of the world.  I working on getting a student teaching placement which is not going so well.  All of my advisors seem to be fed up with me and have stopped talking to me.  I don't know what to do, they are advisors, it was my understanding that they were supposed to advise not hide away in their offices and pretend that problems don't exist.  But anyway that's enough of my rants on school.

Let's talk about my knitting.  I have been a knit-aholic this holiday season. Let's take a look at some of the completed handknits.

This is the Windowpane Throw that I finished for my mom. I had started this over a year ago when I got back into knitting.  I wanted something relatively easy and cheap.  Well I not think it looks easy and cheap, but my mom loved it which made me happy because she is the kind of person that has an opinion about everything.

These are the Fingerless Music Gloves that I made for one of my best friends Reggie.  He plays clarinet and is a Music Ed. Student Teacher right now.  I know he's going to love these.  Hopefully, I find out this weekend.  I'm a little late getting them to him, but he said he might be coming into town this weekend, so we'll see.

These are called Sock Yarn Mini Wristers.  They are extremely easy and pretty quick.  I made them for my friend Bree.  In the picture on the pattern these are made with variegated yarn and with the solid color here they look kindof plain so I added some cute little sunflower buttons to give some added flair.

Now people I am going to have you read about this next project before I let you see it because it is that amazing.  I just finished it yesterday.  It is a scarf that I made as a belated birthday present for one of my other best friends Katie.  I showed her this pattern around Halloween thinking I would make it for a Halloween swap I was in.  I didn't end up having enough time, but I had bought the yarn and I remembered Katie thinking it was really cool and saying she would wear it everyday if I made it for her.  So I figured I would make it for her for her birthday which turned out to be only a little over a week after Christmas.  So when her birthday came around I had to tell her what I was going to make for her, but now it is here.  It is supposed to be from Harry Potter.  I don't read the series so I don't know.  But ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf.

I just thought that this scarf was really cool. Besides this I have knit the Divinely Soft Drop Stitch Scarf for my friend Michael that I forgot to take a picture of before I gave it to him.  I also made the Linen Stitch Scarflet.  That was for an All About Me Swap. I had the yarn for ages and have been wanting to make that pattern for awhile.  Well I got reintroduced with acrylic. I'm sure it has its uses, but not many.  

And that's about it for me.  I started my first pair of socks yesterday, so stay tuned for more progress.