Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Pair of Socks & a Quick Hat

Quick check-in with everyone (or lack thereof) that reads my blog.  I finished my first pair of socks a couple of days ago.  I am extremely happy with them.  They are a little snug, but that is because I knit them according to the pattern which I'm sure is for a woman. I just wanted to get a pair of socks done before I started worrying about whether they would fit me or not.
This is Lorna's Laces Basic Sock Pattern.  Knit on size 0's.  The colorway is called Mineshaft.

Well after I finished the socks I wanted to knit a hat for myself while I could still use it with the cold weather.  Plus it's in Noro that I picked up last week.  My local yarn shop doesn't carry Noro so I had to pick this up at another store that is about double the driving.  It is the Ernst pattern from Jane Ellison's Noro Family.  It's in Noro Cash Island color 10.

I'm really happy with it. While I was knitting it I wasn't so sure.  I went up a needle size because I have a rather large head.  But the ribb pattern allows for a lot of stretch.  So that's what I have been up to lately.

P.S. I may have a student teaching placement soon! More to come.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first pair of socks! They are on my to-learn list in 2009 :)

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