Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Taking a Day Off!

So I just made the decision about 5 minutes ago that I was not going to go to my two classes today.  I feel that I deserve a day off.  Anyways, I thought since I get to do whatever I want today, I'm going to take the time to update my blog.  Well let's see where I left off with my latest knitting news.  Well I finished my "Favorite Animal Swap" and sent off the package including the owl headband.  I think the headband turned out beautifully, but the only problem was that I bound off the normal way when the edge was ribbed and the top didn't really have any stretch to it.  So I'm not so sure she is going to be able to make it fit her head, but maybe she can use it as something else.  Who knows. LOL

Well since that was completed I had only a couple of days to work on my afghan and the shrug that I'm making for my mom and sister, respectively, for Christmas.  But then my next swap "Halloween" started and I knew that I was going to have to bustle.  Because the crafting phase of this swap is scheduled to finish on October 31st, but you really want to finish in time to mail out your package so they can have time to cherish it during the holiday.  So I went in with my friend Katie to one of our local yarn stores.  Let me just tell you, anyone from the Bloomington-Normal, IL area must try out MaryLynn's Yarn Garden.  She is the most amazing person.  I sat in her shop for over 3 and a half hours working on a skull dishcloth, which I finished!  She made us coffee and it was nice to chat it up with some of the locals.

A couple of days ago I started my second project for the "Halloween Swap" which is a felted knitting tote with a skull on it.  This is going to be my first time felting anything so we'll see how it turns out.  I just finished the skull diagram last night, so most of today is going to be spend finishing it up.  So unfortunately since it's not done I don't have a pics of it yet, but I will soon. No worries!


puggerhugger said...

hey Mr Man I just made that skully too! guess what, i saw your rak wishlist, and YOU sent me a surprise last month soooooooo I'm Rakking you back. :)

HarleenQuinzel said...

Oh, WOW, that skull is fantastic!! How utterly and completely wonderful. Just a quick RAK!

JC said...

I saw your RAK wish, and I thought I'd stop over. I really like the skull, and the hat you did in a previous post.

Stop by sometime and say hello.